Thursday, 11 June 2015

Galériens on the Fleur de Lis (galley of 1690)

This impressive (and rather frightening) virtual reconstruction of a galley being rowed is the work of Gérard Delacroix, a specialist in marine archaeology, who has pioneered the application of CAD to the recreation of historic ships.

His lavishly illustrated books combine detailed plans and drawings with photographs of scale models. The 1690 Marseille galley Fleur de Lis was among his most ambitious publications/projects. A model, built to Delacroix's specifications by Bruno Rimlinger, was on view at the annual conference and exhibition of the Association "Archéologie et Modélisme de l'Arsenal" held at Vazerac in 2014:

Prospectus for the book:

For a description of the mechanism of rowing, see Richard Mowery Andrews Law, Magistracy, and Crime in Old Regime Paris, 1735-1789: Volume 1 (1994),, based on André Zysberg's account:

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