Index of artists

Nicolas van Blarenberghe [miniaturist] 
Hôtel Choiseul depicted on snuffbox; second snuffbox with views of Chanteloup
Louis-Léopold Boilly 
Portrait of Augustin(?) Robespierre (ascribed to Boilly); portrait of Robespierre (in Lille)Triumph of Marat; portrait of a sans-culotte; "Scenes of Parisian life" exhibition at the National Gallery

Pierre-Antoine Boudouin  
Paintings exhibited at the Paris Salons; "Hours of the day"
Joseph Boze  
Portraits: Jacques Vaucanson; Marie-Antoinette; Robespierre; Mirabeau

Charles-Antoine Coypel   
Portraits: Adrienne Lecouvreur Mohammed Reza Beg, Persian ambassador (miniature)
Philippe Curtius, [artist in wax & entrepreneur] 
Career up to the Revolutioncareer during the Revolutionrivalry with Francesco Orso; relation to Madame Tussaud  
Wax figures exhibited in the 1780s; self-portrait; "Sleeping Beauty"Madame du Barry (guillotined) miniature wax figures of Rousseau and Necker (attributed to Curtius)  
See also:  Madame Tussaud

Henri-Pierre Danloux  

Possibly painted The Skater, ascribed to Raeburn
Jacques-Louis David  
Robespierre (sketch);  Jean-Baptiste Carrier (ascribed to David); Death of Marat;  Saint-Just
François Seraphin Delpech  [engraver]   
Robespierre; Saint-Just; Joseph Le Bon
Claude-André Deseine [sculptor]  
Life and career;  Busts of: Robespierre; Robespierre (2nd post) Mirabeau; Gabrielle Danton
Pierre-Antoine Demachy 
Painting showing the Church of Ste.Geneviève
Alexandre François Desportes 
Still life with silver
Rémy-Furcy Descarsin 
National guardsman & his wife (Musée de la Révolution, Vizille)
Dominique Doncre  
Life and career; Portrait of Joseph Le Bon; and trompe l'oeil painting
François Dumont,

William Henry Fisk [Victorian artist]   
Louis de Fontaine   
Adrienne Lecouvreur
Jean-Honoré Fragonard  
Diderot/fantasy portraits; Progress of Love (Louveciennes)

François Gérard  

Jean-Baptiste Greuze 

William Hogarth 
Gates of Calais and other depictions of the French
Jean-Antoine Houdon [sculptor] 
Voltaire:  Voltaire (Bibliothèque nationale)Voltaire (Comédie française) Voltaire (Musée Lambinet)Voltaire (small statuettes);  Voltaire (papier-maché after Houdon
Jean-Baptiste Isabey 
Portrait of Hubert Robert

Alexander Kucharski  

Portraits of Marie-Antoinette: Unfinished, from the TuileriesFrom the Temple prison;  Sold by Jean-Louis Remilleux  Newly-published, belonging to Jacques Larcia
Adélaïde Labille-Guiard 
Duc de Choiseul  Robespierre
Nicolas Lancret  
Lady at her toilette
Philippe de Lasalle [designer of textiles]
Silk designs; Catherine the Great (silk portrait)
Claude-Nicolas Ledoux [architect]  
Pavilion of Mme du Barry at Louveciennes; Paris customs houses (Wall of the Fermiers-generaux)

Jean-Marc Nattier 
Madame Marsollier and her daughter

Francesco Orso [waxworks] 
Career in Revolutionary France

Jean-Baptiste Pigalle [sculptor] 
Tomb of the maréchal de Saxe
Pierre-Paul Prud'homme 

Henry Raeburn  
The Skater - possibly painted by Danloux
Jean Restout 
François de Troy  
Depictions of "la toilette";  Portrait of Adrienne Lecouvreur (c1723); Le déjeuner d'huîtres 
Jacques Vaucanson [inventor] 
Jacob Vernet 
Ports of France

Antoine- Louis Watteau  
Persians; Sick cat; Pilgrimage to Cythera
Adolf Ulrik Wertmüller  
Marie-Antoinette; Marie-Antoinette in hunting costume; Portraits of Louis XVI & Marie-Antoinette; Later career in America

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