Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Deseine's Robespierre

Not exactly Christmassy, but still a treat for the festive season...

Here are some photos of Deseine's beautiful statue of Robespierre in the Musée de la Révolution française, Vizille, which I visited early this year.  The lighting in this part of the museum is awful, but I was still quite pleased with the pictures.  Hoping to post on some of the other highlights from Vizille in the New Year.
For  details of the sculpture, see:

Claude-André Deseine (1740-1823)
Maximilien Robespierre (1758-1794)

Terracotta.  Acquired in 1986.  Inv. MRF 1986-243.

The sculptor, who was a deaf-mute from birth, is the brother of L.-P. Deseine, author of the bust of the Dauphin.  Deseine assiduously attended the sessions of the Jacobin Club, which in September 1791, awarded him the prize in the competition for a bust of Mirabeau.  Shortly afterwards, he put out an advertisement for the sale of busts of Robespierre, Pétion and "several other deputies who have distinguished themselves by their patriotism and talent."


  1. These are great to see, especially the back-view. His hair must be about the same length as mine when out of queue!
    And the portrait in the background… I have photos of a re-enactor friend dressed up like that!

  2. The attention to detail with the buttonholes on the coat, the bow-tied cravat, the shirt-frill – marvellous.


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