Sunday, 16 March 2014

18th-century Lyon - virtual reality!

Ever wished you could walk the streets of an eighteenth-century town?  Soon your wish can come true!

Lyon en 1700 is an ambitious and ongoing project, launched in 2009 by 3D designer Fabrice Pothier in partnership with the Musées Gadagne and various Lyon archives and libraries.  The project uses the modelling program Sketch Up to create a detailed virtual reconstruction of the historical centre of Lyon at the turn of the eighteenth century - quite a challenge as most of the buildings have long since disappeared.  Eventually you will be able to enjoy a Google street-view type experience of the early 18th century, with links to documents and pictures from the museum and archives.

"Lyon en 1700"

Here is a trailer for a six-minute film produced by the project for the exhibition Lyon au 18e, un siècle surprenant,  Musées Gadagne,  Nov 2012-May 2013.

Google maps: patrimony of Lyon in the 18th century
This is another really cool project created for the exhibition, a Google street map highlighting the remains of 18th-century Lyon.  If you go into "street view" then click on the icons to the left of the location entries, the little yellow man will park himself in front of each building. (A pity they all seem in such a terrible state)

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