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La Pérouse - some books and websites

Associations, museums and memorials:
FRANCE - Musée de la Marine
Musée National de la Marine (Paris & Brest)
Search the collections online:

The museum in Paris is  closed until 2021.for refurbishment.  The museum in Brest (in the historic château)  currently has one room dedicated to La Pérouse, which contains a copy of the bust by  François Rude, various objects from the shipwrecks and a video of the excavations organised by the  Association Salomon.

L' Association Lapérouse Albi France

Musée Lapérouse musées:   Albi  Musée Lapérouse.

Association Salomon
Association created by the late Alain Conan in 1981.  Details of the various archaeological investigations, plus news of current activities.  It offers the option of an English version, but I haven't made it work so far.

Musée maritime de Nouvelle-Calédonie
The New Caledonia Martime History museum, opened in 1999 and entirely renovated in 2012, now houses the majority of artefacts from the excavations.  Website includes photos of the La Pérouse exhibits as they are displayed in the museum, plus a virtual tour . [Google streetview will also land you inside the museum] .

Collection La Pérouse
Website providing a comprehensive listing of finds from the shipwreck sites. Themed listings in English;  searchable catalogue in French only. Some 4,600 objects.  Detailed and beautifully illustrated historical section, covering the voyage, its various stages, the shipwreck and the subsequent search for the lost expedition.

La Perouse Museum & Headland, Sydney

Page detailing the Museum collection
e-hive La Perouse Museum catalogue

The La Perouse Museum & Headland Trust manages the museum, the Laperouse and Receveur monuments and surrounding space which is part of the Kamay Botany Bay National Park. The Museum, which opened in 1988, is housed in the former Cable Station building.

The  website is one of the best English-language La Pérouse  resources, by no means no means confined the expedition's sojourn in Sydney. There are details of New World  La Pérouse scholarship with links to relevant works and a blog of current news from around the world. 

Lapérouse aujourd'hui: les lieux commémoratifs: video created by students in Albi.

The resting-place of the unknown mariner from Vanikoro, in the grounds of the château de Brest; the vault is marked by a rose des vents, built from local stones.

Alain Boulaire, " L’inhumation à Brest de l’inconnu de Vanikoro", La Revue Maritime  no. 492

Cape Soya, Hokkaido

Monument on Cap Soya, Hokkaido, facing La Pérouse Strait. erected in 2007 through the joint initiative the Association Lapérouse Albi-France and the city of Wakkanaï.

Françoise Massard, "Un monument à la mémoire de La Pérouse au Cap Soya (Hokkaido)", on the

Some books:

In English:

Sir Ernest Scott, Laperouse (1912)

John Robson, A Short Biography of Jean-François de Galaup de La Pérouse, 1741-1788 (last updated 2005)

John Dunmore, When Fate beckons: The life of Jean-François de Lapérouse (2008)
University of Alaska Press. 292 pages. £18.76.  e-book: £6.99 from Google.
Biography by the New Zealand academic and editor of the Voyages.
Preview on Google Books: 
Review article: 

In French:

J.P.Faivre, La tragique expedition d Lapérouse et Langle (1954)

Catherine Gaziello, L'expédition de Lapérouse : 1785-1788 : réplique française aux voyages de Cook (1984) 
The most comprehensive, archive-based study. Still often cited.
15% available on Gallica: including the bibliography.

François Bellec, La généreuse et tragique expédition Lapérouse (1985)

Ouest-France. 267 pages.
By the former director of the Musée de la Marine from 1980 to 1997, writer and maritime artist. Also author of a novel based on the expedition.

Yves Jacob L’énigme Lapérouse (2000). 
Taillandier. 296 pages.

Pierre Bérard, Le voyage de La Pérouse : Itinéraire et aspects singuliers (2010)
 Edition Un Autre Reg'Art. 175 pages.  OOP.
Small extract on Google Books

By the former president of the Association Lapérouse Albi.
This is definitely the book for you, if you want grown-up information on the specifications of the ships, the technical aspects of navigation, the cartography and scientific observations.  With good maps, and illustrations by the military artist Jean Bellis.

François Bellec, Les Esprits de Vanikoro: Le mystère Lapérouse (2006) 
Gallimard. Album, 256 pages.OOP.
Illustrated account of the 2005 expedition aboard the Jacques Cartier with parallels to the original voyage.

John Pendray, Sur les traces de La Pérouse. Carnets d'expédition à Vanikoro (2006) 
Editions Glénat. 110 pages. OOP.
Sketchbooks and watercolours by John Pendray, the official painter for the French Navy, who accompanied the 2006 expedition.

Association Salomon, Le Mystère Lapérouse, ou le Rêve inachevé d'un roi (2008)
Editions de Conti. 399 pages. OOP.
The book published to accompany the 2008 exhibition. I managed to find a copy on ebay for under £20.  All you need to know, plus gorgeous illustrations on shiny paper!

Anne Pons, Lapérouse  (2010)
Gallimard/ Mass Market Paperback. 302 pages. 
Volume in the Folio Biographie series.
The most widely available biography. 

Jean Guillou, La Pérouse...Et après: Dernières nouvelles du mystère de l'Astrobale (2011)
Harmattan, 144 pages
Preview on Amazon and on Google Books 
Chapters on the Laborde brothers, Lengle, the early voyages in search of the expedition, the supposed ancestors of Simon Lavo.

Jean-Christophe Galipaud & Valérie Jauneau, Au-delà d’un naufrage. Les survivants de l’expédition Lapérouse (2012)
Editions Errance.
The archaeological evidence from Vanikoro. 
Although the book adds more detail, but the ultimate fate of the survivors remains a mystery.
Summary / review:

Claude Pisano & Joël Deville,  Paul Antoine Fleuriot de Langle : second de l'expédition La Pérouse, commandant de l'Astrolabe, l'oublié de l'histoire (2012)
Editions Serre  160 pages.

Dominique Le Brun (ed.) La malédiction Lapérouse (2012) 
Omnibus. Histoire 881 pages.
This is an edition of the Voyages of LP, plus various other documents. You can read the introduction on Google Books preview:
Gérard Piouffre, Lapérouse:  la voyage sans retour  (2016)
Vuibert. 240 pages.  
Amazon Kindle preview: 
This looks a clear and well-documented account; includes all the new material from the shipwrecks. I'm watching out for a cheap copy


La Pérouse, website by Patrick Michel

"Les marins célèbres" on [Entries for La Pérouse, D'Entrecasteaux and Dumont d'Urville]

Musée de la Marine, "Un voyage de découvertes au siècle des Lumières" [pdf]
Analysis and useful selection from the documents.
Musée de la Marine, Virtual voyage  [Created for the 2008 exhibition]

Robert Dumas, "Le voyage de Lapérouse" - Académie des Sciences et Lettres de Montpellier, 2009

 Europe 1 Radio:  "La malédiction Lapérouse"  Au coeur de l'histoire, broadcast 20/08/2013
Franck Ferrand's guests were Jean-Christophe Galipaud, archaeologist in charge of the excavations on Vanikoro, and Dominique Le Brun editor of the collection La malédiction Lapérouse (2012).

Marthe Melguen, "French voyages of exploration and science in the Age of Enlightenment: an ocean of discovery throughout the Pacific Ocean"
in Proceedings of the 30th Annual Conference of the IAMSLIC (2004)  [open access]

Tessa Morris-Suzuki, "The telescope and the tinderbox: rediscovering La Pérouse in the North Pacific", East Asian History 39 (2014) [online]

Members of the expedition:

Listed on Wikipédie:

Genealogical project by the Centre Généalogique du Finistère 

Fleuriot de Langle
Philippe Henwood, "Fleuriot de Langle et l'expédition de Lapérouse", Dix-huitième Siècle, no.19, 1987, p. 245-262.

Alain Monnié, Un Monti compagnon de La Pérouse

Père Receveur

F.R.L. Carleton,"An eighteenth century Conventual Franciscan naturalist on the Lapérouse expedition: : Père Laurent Receveur (1757-1788)." The Great Circle  1993, 15(1): p.18-29 [available on JStor].

Simon Lavo
Alain Denizet "Le fabuleux destin de Simon Lavo, chirurgien major de Lapérouse"  Histoire-Généalogie, 17.09.2009 

Ivan Barko, "Lepaute-Dagelet at Botany Bay and his encounter-with William Dawes" (2010)

Shipwreck and archaeology of Vanikoro: 

Wikipédie, "Expéditions menées sur les traces de La Pérouse"

TV documentaries by Yves Bourgeois:
Thalassa: "L'expédition Lapérouse : Au-delà d’un naufrage".  Published on YouTube, 30.06.17.

Vincent Groizeleau, "La France lance une ultime expédition pour percer le mystère Lapérouse", Mer et Marine, report of 19.03.2008

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