Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Baudouin - Hours of the Day

Here is Baudouin's take on a standard theme - his "hours of the day" which were popularised in the late 1770s in fine copper engravings by Emmanuel-Jean-Nepomucène de Ghendt - these examples are from the Clark Art Institute in Williamstown: (

The Met. has the original gouaches for "Morning" and "Night" (undated). They are small pictures (about 20cm x 25 cm).  In the first a gent and his young son get to view rather more sleepy woman than they bargained for:

 In the second the drift of the nocturnal action is obvious.The statue is Falconnet's L’Amour Menaçant, now in the Louvre but which once belonged to Madame de Pompadour.  It also features, equally conspiratorially, in Fragonard's The Swing.

Versions of the two companion pieces, Midday and Evening, from the Collection of the industrialist and philanthropist Maurice Fenaille, were sold by Brisonneau and Daguerre in 2006:.

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